12 Best Free PC Games You Should Play In 2023 (2022)

Throughout the years, there have been countless free-to-play titles have been released. So many that at times it’s hard to keep track of them all. However, just because they’re free doesn’t automatically guarantee that you’ll enjoy them. Plus, some will also be filled with a bunch of microtransactions or have a pay-to-win aspect attached to them.

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Regardless of whether you’re playing with friends or going at it solo. These games are bound to create fun and exciting moments while you play. What makes it even better is that some of these games include cross-play capabilities, so you can play with whoever you want despite what system they play on.


Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

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If you’re looking for a game that allows you to make new friends, go on exciting quests, and one with tons of customization options, then Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is just for you. The RPG came out back in 2012 but recently entered its New Genesis phase months ago. There are a wide variety of classes for you to choose from, and each one is unique from the others.

You play as an ARKs operative that explores dangerous planets looking for a dark corruption called the Falspawn to bring peace back to the world. You’ll find yourself going head-to-head against different bosses with other players by your side. The game still receives updates to this day.

Halo Infinite

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The Halo series has been known for having an amazing campaign, but an even better multiplayer experience. Halo Infinite is no exception as it provides high-paced and exciting PVP gameplay. What makes Halo Infinite different from the other games in the series is that multiplayer is free to play. The title still receives updates and tweaks to the gameplay.

Getting a group of friends together will ensure that a good time is had with one another. The game itself can prove to be addicting and have you going back for more with each match you play.


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If you want a fighting game that’s filled with iconic crossovers then MultiVersus is the game for you. Considering how much the game is offering, it can be hard to believe that it's free-to-play. The title itself features a wide variety of characters that all fall under the Warner Bros. Discovery catalog.

This includes characters such as Harley Quinn, Finn from Adventure Time, Steven from Steven Universe, and so many more. It’s an action pact title and resembles games such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It just so happens that this one is free for you to try out.


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While on the topic of free-to-play fighting games, it would be a shame not to mention Brawlhalla. The game is filled with over 50 characters to choose from with all of them having unique move sets and skills. There are also powerful weapons and gadgets scattered throughout matches to spice things up.

To keep players interested, there are different game modes to choose from such as capture the flag, Brawlball, and other party modes. Up to eight players can play at the same time. There’s even a ranked mode if you want to make things more competitive.

The Sims 4

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If you want to take the more relaxing route then you’re in luck because The Sims 4 recently became free-to-play. The social simulation game allows your imagination to run free as you can virtually do anything that your heart desires. You can create a life and live it exactly the way you want to.

There are tons of DLC that you can purchase to enhance your gameplay experience by adding things such as new customization options, places to go, and a variety of items. You don’t need to have all of that to have a good time though. Think of it as a bonus.

Fall Guys

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If you want to play a battle royale title that doesn’t involve shooting, then Fall Guys is the perfect game for you. The game has you and 59 other players control strangely-shaped monsters and go toe-to-toe against other players in randomly selected mini-games.

These games can include obstacle courses, races, basketball, and other fun assortments of activities. There is a wide variety of customization options you can purchase for your little bean if you want to flex on the competition. The game recently became free-to-play and arrived on all platforms, so the player base is still alive and kicking.


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SMITE is a game that’s all about gods and goddesses fighting each other on a battleground. As simple as it sounds it can prove to be a pretty exciting time. There are over 100 gods and goddesses to choose from and each one of them has a unique skill set. There are different game modes to play including a ranked mode.

Each character in the game has different skins that are extremely creative and add a personality aspect to the title. Updates are still being implemented to this day along with new characters being added to the battleground.


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Speaking of SMITE, also from the team at Hi-Rez we have Paladins making this list. Like SMITE, Paladins is also free-to-play and resembles Overwatch. It’s a hero shooter that utilizes a card system in order to stand out from its competition and pulls it off well. Each hero has their own set of skills and teams must come together to create the perfect combination in order to be victorious.

While the game only has three different game modes, it can still prove to be an exciting time. There are a lot of combinations that can be made that influence gameplay, and it’s fun to find the right play style that works for you.

Valorant12 Best Free PC Games You Should Play In 2023 (9)

Valorant is a team-based first-person 5v5 hero shooter. It similarly resembles a MOBA version Counter-Strike as there are two teams where one has the goal of planting the bomb and the other is tasked with diffusing it.

Each hero in the game has a special set of abilities that can either aid teammates or be a detriment to the enemy team. The game also has customization options to add a little more flare to your arsenal. There are also a handful of game modes present to mix things up a little if you get tired of playing the same mode repeatedly.

Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 is something that every player needs to try at least try once. With the title being an overhaul of the original one of the biggest changes was that it now follows a free-to-play model. The game utilizes a battle pass system for progression and monetization.


The old heroes are still present, but new ones are now being added alongside them. The biggest change is that the game no longer has 6v6 matches, but goes by 5v5 ones instead. Having a group of friends queued up alongside you can prove to be an exciting time.

Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is a hero shooter battle royale title that many have grown fond of over the years. You don’t need to spend a single dime on the game to get enjoyment out of it. New legends are constantly being added along with different events, so you never have to worry about the game getting dull over time.

Getting two other friends together with you will guarantee a fun time along with trying to find the perfect team combo that proves to be unstoppable among the opposition. Apex is also cross-play on all platforms, so you don’t have to worry about anybody being left out.

Fortnite Battle Royale

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Now, what would this list be without mentioning Fortnite Battle Royale? Fortnite is a title that has taken the gaming industry by the horns and has changed gaming in general. With the number of crossovers and events that have taken place within it, it’s no wonder why so many are getting their hands on the title.

The game itself is constantly being updated and which each season that passes, new things are being added to the gameplay. The customization knows no bounds as the team always finds ways to one-up themselves with their designs. With the game adding a No Build Mode, it makes Fortnite more beginner-friendly too.

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