9 Best Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay In 2022 (2022)

Are you like pasta and found in art crafting, so you need the best paste and polymer clay machine? Best Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay at your kitchen or workplace. It is immensely helpful to use a pasta machine. The commercial pasta machines are expensive, but several brands of cheap pasta machines are for polymer clay. You need The best pasta machine for polymer clay in your kitchen to make pasta easily and professionally.

But the question is, can a normal pasta maker be better for practicing your art professionally? Of course, all pasta makers in the market are good for manipulating polymer clay. Thus, we are here to help you introduce the list of selected products that can help you buy the best pasta machine.

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Which is the Best Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay?

People can use Pasta machines for clay crafting, which is not too different from other pasta-making machines. A good pasta maker or machine can easily shape any dough you put. Usually, a good Polymer clay pasta machine has firmly constructed with easy functioning that allows you to work easily. Now the pasta makers have many safety functions that will be helpful in your work. Also, have the thickness and size-shifting quality to do better in manual crafting.

1. GOURMET Stainless Steel Manual Pasta Maker Machine

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The Pasta Maker machine is made of heavy-duty stainless steel to offer you the highest level of kitchen performance and deliverance. It looks very good in your kitchen due to its high shine chrome body that makes you feel like Master Chef in your kitchen. So you’ll love creating fresh, delicious, hand-made pasta for you and your family.

The machine is up to the task whether you enjoy your lasagna thick and soft or your angel hair long and thin. These pasta makers have a double cutter head attachment for you to choose your width preference.

And if you have both in mind with one large dough, go ahead and change the setting, easy and quick. The maker will make its detachable handle and clamp; the gadget takes minimal space while maximizing performance. The easy-grip handle is easy to use.

2. Imperia Pasta Maker Machine – Heavy Duty

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Check Price Here

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The Heavy Duty Imperia Pasta Maker Machine is Made in Italy. Also known best for its high quality and ease to use. From its solid steel and wooden handle to its sturdy, steadfast table clamp, Setting the Standard in Pasta Machines. With Imperia pasta machine, you’ll find to fulfill all your needs, whether making spaghetti, farfalle, or fettuccine.

We specialize in making exclusive, elegant, and easy-to-use pasta machines. The pasta you make with Imperia is unlike any other. Choose your preferred thickness, create the perfect consistency, and enjoy homemade pasta. Guaranteed to make fresh and clean pasta.

3. Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine

This great stainless steel clay machine is perfect for mixing and blending colors, making thin sheets, and even texturing. The machine has nine thickness settings; an extra-wide 7-inch clay path, a table clamp, non-stick rollers, and a removable handle for adding the Clay Machine.

The rollers are plastic, and so far, no clay has gotten stuck to them, and no black marks on clay on the ends of the rollers. The handle had not fallen out when you ran clay thru the 5th setting and did not have any ripples. Easy to set up and easy to clean.

4. Pasta Maker Deluxe Set 5 Piece Steel Machine with Spaghetti Fettuccini Roller

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The Pasta Maker Deluxe has 5 Piece Set – Includes a hand crank, countertop table camp, and cleaning brush. These machines have 3 attachments that allow you to make 5 different types of noodles – Lasangette, Fettucine, Angel Hair, Spaghetti, or Ravioli.

Further, it is Made of durable chrome-coated steel. The pasta machine acts as a dough roller – use the hand crank for adjustable thicknesses to get your pasta.

5. MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

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Marcato’s Original World-Famous Atlas pasta machine rolls and cuts pasta dough for lasagna and fettuccine. The pate machine is Made in Italy from chrome-plated steel; it Includes a pasta cutter, hand crank, and clamp. It can make Rolls sheets of dough to 150-millimeters wide at 10 thicknesses for a consistent texture, cook time, and taste.

Atlas 150 is not dishwasher safe. Easily attach the pasta drive motor and also Called the Ferrari of the pasta machine world by Cook’s illustrated; wipe with a dry brush or cloth.

6. Pasta Machine, ISILER 150 Roller Pasta Maker

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Its smooth roller gives the pasta a consistent texture, delivering a chewy consistency; no more squeezing and tearing dough than automatic pasta machines. SO you can enjoy delicious gourmet pasta meals at home. Moreover, it has a Regulating knob with 9 settings that allow you to choose the thickness of your dough sheet and change the texture and taste of your pasta with this simple adjustment.

You can also use its unique cutter, perfect for making spaghetti, fettuccini, lasagna, dumpling skins, and more; it caters to all your pasta-making needs. Further, its pasta rollers and pasta cutter are high-quality, non-toxic aluminum alloys. It offers you safety and durability; easy to clean and store; pasta rollers and pasta cutters are also washable.

7. Philips Compact Pasta and Noodle Maker

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It is easier to make homemade pasta with the fully automatic Philips Viva Compact Pasta Maker. So you can make fresh pasta and noodles. The Philips Viva Compact Pasta Maker mixes, kneads, and makes pasta in 18 minutes and guarantees great texture and taste. It has angled multi-pins, and the stirring bar ensures the flour and liquid are mixed evenly and thoroughly from every corner of the mixing chamber.

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You can easily assemble the Philips Viva Compact Pasta Maker, dismantled and cleaned. Add in nutritious ingredients like egg, spinach, and carrot juice to create healthy and worry-free homemade pasta and noodles for your family. Its optimized and compact design allows you to keep the pasta maker always on your countertop, making it ready to use at any time.

8. Fox Run 57666 Pasta Maker Machine

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Now you can make your favorite authentic Italian dishes up a notch by creating and cooking your own fresh, homemade noodles with Fox Run’s Pasta Machine. It is Constructed from sturdy chrome-plated stainless steel; the hand-operated pasta roller comes with 3 different blade options, including fettuccine, lasagna, and tagliatelle.

There are more than 9 different thickness settings when rolling out flat dough sheets and cutting the sheets into ravioli, tortellini, lasagna, etc. Also best for making healthy whole wheat pasta or gluten-free pasta. The handy device helps you create a variety of delicious Italian favorites in your kitchen to top off with your favorite sauces, creams, veggies, and meats.

9. EMERIL LAGASSE Pasta & Beyond, Automatic Pasta and Noodle Maker

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The electric pasta and noodle maker is fully automatic; just one machine does the mixing, kneading, and extruding. It is making easy, fun, and convenient to serve your family and friends delicious, made-from-scratch pasta faster.

You can Make up to 1 lb of fresh, homemade pasta and noodles in minutes by using different flavors and ingredients like vegetable juices, egg, flours, spices, and herbs for delicious, healthy, colorful, and gluten-free pasta. So it allows you to satisfy your family’s tastebuds and dietary preferences without unknown grocery store additives

You can make 8 pasta types as spaghetti, penne, linguine, tagliatelle, udon, angel hair, fettuccine, lasagna.The pasta machine for polymer clay comes with pasta maker tools, pasta disc set, pasta/noodle cutter, 1 dry measuring cup, 1 liquid measuring cup, spatula/cleaning tool, cleaning brush, slow juicer, and more.

Why Is It Important to Choose Pasta Machines for Polymer Clay?

The use of pasta machines makes clay crafting more attractive and meaningful. But some artists with craft still think that manual methods are the only option. But professionals insist that using pasta machines is a better idea for craftspersons.

Good Quality

It is best to use pasta machines instead of handheld cutters as you know that the right thickness and the proper shape of the clay are very important, and you can get it using a pasta maker. Besides, the craft pasta machine makes slices that are good for cutting the clay. Moreover, you can also control the bending and cutting ability of the pasta maker.

(Video) How I clean my Polymer Clay Pasta Machine

Less Effort

You can do in two steps things with a quality pasta cutter. In the First step, you have to prepare the clay dough. So you can give the right shape with the machine. The pasta machine is a smart thing.


Manipulating takes lots of time. Most professional craftspeople grumble about the waste of time while handling several projects.

No matter how reliable you feel in using your hands for clay crafting, it would be best if you tried a pasta machine for cutting and shaping the clay. Just one setting and the machine will do different things at once.

Working Tools

The pasta makers are used for making work easy. It takes time to slice, shape, and polish the clay using a hand cutter, roller, slicer, and pin. But a normal pasta machine can do all these tools work together quickly. Each machine has features that make it suitable for a specific situation.

Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine

It is a cheap pasta machine clone with 5 ⅞ rollers. It Also has grating noise, sharp edges, and poor durability.


The Atlas pasta machine is the most common these days; which is the great pasta machine for polymer clay? It is durable, well constructed, and handles most polymer clay projects. You can buy an extra motor, giving hands-free power. Atlas machines come in both a 5 ⅝″ and a 6 ⅞″ width model.


Makins is another pasta machine clone available in craft stores, but this hobby-quality clay machine is improved over the Sculpey clay machines. It is not as rugged and smooth as an Atlas, and the Makins machine is quite functional. It has 6 ⅞ non-stick rollers, and a motor purchased separately. Some craftspeople complain about poor performance, but this machine handles polymer clay nicely, including thin sheets.


Imperia is a true pasta machine from Italy. It is extremely well made and durable, and its price is also very reasonable. The machine doesn’t have as many complicated settings as the Atlas, so you can easily clean its blade. You can buy a motor for Imperia.

The Dream Machine

It is the first professional-quality rolling machine for polymer clay, and the Dream Machine has 9 ½” wide rollers and very sturdy construction. The machine is made for processing and sheeting a lot of polymer clay at one time. Its blades can be removed for cleaning.

LC Machine

The professional-level LC Machine is different from any other clay machine and brand new on the market. The Squirrel and the Elephant have two models with 7 ½” wide rollers and removable blades.

How can you choose the right pasta machine for polymer clay?

Making which Type of pasta

If you are going to make pasta with a pasta machine, it is very important to keep in mind the type of pasta you want to make. You can choose a machine with various rollers and thicknesses to get thick, thin, and even noodles of regular size.


The price of a pasta maker for polymer clay depends on the qualities you are looking for. Many pasta makers have similar qualities, but with more features and more costly. Always compare the prices with your budget to choose the best for you.


The handle of a pasta machine is the part that allows you to control the machine directly. So consider the length of the handle not too long nor very short. Hard handle grips can also be a major problem here. You want comfortable rolling the handle to slice clay.


These machines are manufactured with multiple materials of the main body. But stainless steel is the best option, especially for the blade part, and the other body parts can contain aluminum and other heavy-coated metals.

How to Clean a Pasta Machine for polymer clay?

Cleaning pasta machines after cutting polymer clay is not difficult because most machines come with dishwasher safety features. But do not put your pasta machine inside a dishwasher without separating most parts like the blade, base, valve, etc. So you can clean the machine without damaging the washer from the inside. Besides this, you can use Stainless steel by wiping with a wet cloth instead of dishwashing; at last, dry them carefully. Also, here you can read about the best dishwasher for a large family.


Can you use a pasta machine for polymer clay? ›

Clayers discovered they could use pasta machines to quickly and easily condition polymer clay instead of using rolling pins, acrylic rollers or their hands. So, instead of feeding dough through a machine to form pasta sheets, you can roll clay through the machine to condition and flatten the clay.

How do you condition polymer clay without a pasta machine? ›

You can easily fix polymer clay that's too stiff or too soft.
Other methods to soften up your clay include:
  1. Pre-warming it under a low-wattage light bulb for about five minutes and rolling it between your hands.
  2. Using a mallet.
  3. Warming the clay with your hands prior to rolling it.
  4. Using a clay softener or thinner.
Nov 25, 2019

How do you flatten polymer clay without a pasta maker? ›

How to create perfectly even pieces of clay without a pasta machine

What is the widest pasta machine? ›

Marcato's Original World-Famous Atlas 180 Pasta Machine rolls and cuts pasta dough, up to 180-millimeters wide, for making traditional Italian pasta at home.

Why is my clay sticking to the pasta roller? ›

If the clay seems to be sticking to the rollers, try laying it between sheets of waxed paper and running this "sandwich" through the machine. Or brush the surface of the clay very lightly with talc or cornstarch, then running it through the machine.

What is the fastest way to condition polymer clay? ›

Conditioning Polymer Clay Quickly - some tips - YouTube

Why does my polymer clay keep cracking? ›

Polymer clay breaks after baking because it has not cured properly. This is due to either the temperature being too low or it wasn't baked for long enough. It does also depend on the brand of clay you are using, as some are more brittle, some are harder.

How long do you knead polymer clay? ›

Step 2: By Hand

Warm skin and physically working the clay will make it become softer and easier to work with, however can quickly tire out your hands. When conditioning clay by hand you want to make sure to stretch, roll, and compress the clay. A minimum of 5 minutes is usually enough time to get the clay malleable.

What is the thickest setting on pasta machine? ›

Sometimes the thickest setting is #1, sometimes the thinnest setting is #1. Sometimes the thickest setting is over 1/8″ thick and sometimes it is closer to 1/16th”. This causes all kinds of problems in projects where the thickness of the sheet is critical to the technique.

How do you clean clay off a pasta maker? ›

Getting Started with Polymer Clay: How to Clean Your Pasta Machine

How do you condition polymer clay with a pasta machine? ›

Conditioning Polymer Clay with a Pasta Machine - YouTube

Which is better electric or manual pasta maker? ›

Electric pasta machines are easier to use than manual ones, but you have to work at the speed of the machine, cutting the pasta to length as it's extruded. Some electric models even mix the dough for you, but they can be tricky to clean.

Is it cheaper to make your own pasta? ›

Homemade pasta dough costs about $0.15 per serving. Purchased pasta costs between $0.17 and $1.91 - meaning making your own pasta is either around the same price per serving or less than purchased pasta. The price depends on what type of past you want to make, and if you prefer dried, frozen, or fresh pasta.

What's the difference between Atlas 150 and 180? ›

Atlas pasta machines come in two size models, the 150 and 180. Those numbers roughly correspond to the roller lengths in millimeters. Aside from the roller length of the two variations, the two sizes are identical.

How do you clean clay off a pasta maker? ›

Getting Started with Polymer Clay: How to Clean Your Pasta Machine

How do you use a polymer clay machine? ›

How to Use a Pasta Machine Without Width Guides - YouTube

How thick should polymer clay earrings be? ›

How thick should you roll clay for earrings? For most clay earrings, roll the clay to approximately 1/8″ thick. Depending on the design, you may want them a little thicker. You want them thick enough to hold their shape after being cured in the oven.


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