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Period after chemical - Trying to Conceive | Forums | What to Expect (2)

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Little background...I had what I think was a chemical in August. My cycles are usually anywhere from 23-28 days. When my period did not show on cd28 I tested which was on August 22 and I got 2 faint BFP but they weren't as dark as it was with my first pregnancy. I tested again that Tuesday the 25th and got another faint positive. On August 31 which was 10 days after my period was suppose to come I started bleeding bright red. I went to the er and they said there was no sign of a pregnancy and said I had abnormal bleeding even though the doctor told me he thinks I had an early pregnancy fail which I've read is similar to a chemical. I bled heavy for 5 days straight. Which normally my period is only heavy one day and medium to light flow the other 3-4 days. My question is to those who have had a similar situation is did your cycle go back to normal afterwards. I know many have mentioned getting pregnant quickly after a chemical but for those who haven't how long did it take for your next cycle? DH and I have continued ttc and we've bd every other day since I've stopped bleeding but I don't want to get excited if I were to miss my period incase my cycle doesn't go back to normal. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post!

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So sorry for your loss! After both of my losses, one of which was only just after 5 weeks, it took a few cycles for things to go back to normal. I typically have 28 day cycles every cycle, but post MC they were longer for a few cycles, the first cycle being the longest. Everyone is different though, your body could bounce back much faster, I hope it does and you get your BFP soon!!




I'm sorry! I had a chemical pregnancy 2 years ago(August 2013). My cycle was a little longer (31 days instead of the usual 26-28). It took maybe a couple to be back to normal completely. I had my daughter a year later (August 2014), so hopefully that offers you a little hope!



Thank you ladies. I'm hoping it goes back to normal after a few cycles. Since April we started not using condoms and just said if it happens it happens but for the past 2-3 months I've been trying to keep track of ovulation in hopes we do get our BFP. Our daughter just turned 2 in August and as the months go by I get more and more anxious for those two lines. But I'm still blessed to at least have her.

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I agree with the others -- my first cycle after an early miscarriage was slightly longer than normal. My temps were all over the place, and I'm not even totally sure if I ovulated or not. I'm on the 2nd cycle after now, and things are looking much more normal already, but I'm still not going to get my hopes up. Good luck with everything!!



I was wondering about this too. I am currently miscarrying, I was 5w1d but the empty sac only measured 4w6s. I'm hoping to start trying again ASAP and was curious how my cycle would be.



I'm also curious about this! I had a chemical on Sept 15th, when I was just 5w. So my period didn't end up being too far off from normal. I'm hoping to be one of those lucky people who get pregnant right after a chemical.. But I've already told myself I just have to wait a long time to test becausei won't really know when I'm late.



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That's exactly what I'm thinking! According to my period tracker app AF should arrive next week but I'm not even going to pay attention it. Hope you ladies also get a BFP soon! The waiting game sucks.




I just wanted to share a different perspective, in case you find it helpful. I miscarried early last cycle 5w3d and asked the same question. Of course I spent a ridiculous amount of time reading other women's experience on the Internet and the only real thing I took away was that all women are different (so not helpful!). Yes, many women reported a longer cycle post chemical or miscarriage, but I found just as many stories that women had shorter cycles. The least common account was of anovulatory cycles after miscarriage. For me, I didn't wait to try again and couldn't stop myself from testing as early as possible. I began testing on cd 28 (mine are usually 29-31) and got my bfp on day 30. I had not tested early for my last 14 cycles and couldn't wait this time. There seemed to be overwhelming agreement that most women are more fertile following a chemical and I wanted to take advantage of it after trying for 18 cycles. I'm still only 4w5d, but I already feel better than last time. Good luck and I hope you're doing ok. An early loss sucks and is hard to deal with.




Congrats!! I'm hoping for a similar story!! Did you track ovulation?




I have only ever checked cm and we try to bd at least every other day for two weeks around the middle of my cycle. I have no way of knowing when I actually o'd either because it gets difficult to distinguish ewcm after a few times (sorry if that is tmi). But we bd'd 5 times the week I guessed I was ovulating and once the following week. The same for the previous month when I got a bfp. Hoping this one sticks. My cycle has been between 29-31 days for 2 years (since coming off bc) and I assume I have a 12-14 day luteal phase.

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How soon after chemical pregnancy do you get your period? ›

When to expect a period after chemical pregnancy. If you've had a chemical pregnancy, you'll usually have your period 4 to 6 weeks after the loss of the early pregnancy.

Will a chemical pregnancy delay your next period? ›

Often, the only sign of a chemical pregnancy is a late period. You'll only know if you had a pregnancy loss if you happened to take an early pregnancy test soon after conception.

How fertile are you after a chemical pregnancy? ›

Chemical pregnancies are not any indication that you can't get pregnant. You can even get pregnant as soon as two weeks after you've had a chemical pregnancy. Even having multiple early miscarriages, although very difficult emotionally, is no cause for alarm.

How soon do you ovulate after chemical pregnancy? ›

In fact, a woman may ovulate and get pregnant as soon as two weeks after experiencing a chemical pregnancy. “Since a chemical pregnancy is an early miscarriage, your chances of a healthy pregnancy are likely after having one miscarriage,” Ross says.

How do you know when you ovulate after a chemical pregnancy? ›

Symptoms of ovulation following a miscarriage will be the same as those before a pregnancy loss. To determine when ovulation is near, look for these clues: stretchy, clear vaginal mucus that resembles egg whites. cramping pain on your right or left side.

Is it common to have 2 chemical pregnancies in a row? ›

Many woman experience recurrent chemical pregnancies because of improper progesterone levels and are able to bring a pregnancy to full term once their levels are fixed. This is commonly done with a cream.

Does chemical pregnancy delay ovulation? ›

Your cycle after a chemical pregnancy will just look like any other cycle. You should ovulate at the usual time.

How to tell the difference between chemical pregnancy and period? ›

While you might expect that the menstrual bleeding would be heavier than usual with a chemical pregnancy, it is often the same as a normal period. Other signs of a chemical pregnancy may include: Low hCG levels on a blood test. Mild abdominal cramping or more cramping than usual during a period.

Is chemical pregnancy bleeding a period? ›

As many women don't even find out that they're pregnant until after five weeks, the loss of a chemical pregnancy may be mistaken for a normal period, or a late period. Even if you've had a positive pregnancy test, the bleed will be like a normal period, or may even be lighter than normal.

What does chemical pregnancy bleeding look like? ›

Bleeding caused by a chemical pregnancy might look a little bit like your period, and Dr. Levy explains that this is because your embryo hasn't grown a lot.


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